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Laptop fan replacement

Cooling fan is one of the most important components of your laptop’s heat removal system that eradicates the hot air generated by the processor and other parts.

The laptop fan replacement service we offer is reliable and fairly priced. Once you visit us we will help you with the reliable solutions. Our technical team is skilled enough to deal with laptop technical issues.

Cooling fan is one of the most important components of your laptop’s heat removal system that eradicates the hot air generated by the processor and other parts.

In the modern laptop designs air is removed from heat sources using a ‘heat pipe’ system that delivers the exhaust fan to be blown out through cooling vents. Laptop is packed together tightly, hence a broken or faulty fan may become a big nuisance. In just a couple of hours your laptop can become a junk if the cooling system stops working. Our fan repair and replacement services are able to halt the issues.

No subcontract, we quickly repair the fan issues with quality. Along with ensure that the service we offer do not pinch the pockets of the clients. be it a home or business user, we ensure to help with the exact resolution on the same day. Just visit us once with your laptop, and get the reliable solution in seconds. We assure to return you the laptop with full working condition.

If you are facing frequent issues of laptop overheating and making irregular noises, then without wasting a single minute come to us and leave everything on us. do not worry about your laptop and its repair cost. We are affordable. No hidden charges just pay for the replacement parts and some of the effort that we made.

Keep your laptops working in the prime condition and pay less prices than our competitors are charging you. Our in-house team carry out the laptop repair services that are skilled enough in the domain thereby ensure you get same quality parts at reasonable rates as you would get from the expensive supplier that too with the same warranty.

We are recommended as one of the best local laptop repair services who offer reliable solutions same day and if possible then same day. Long Eaton localized can reach us easily, once you bring your device get the immediate solutions. Our shop is open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

No hidden cost is added in your bill. The price we quote you except that no extra charges will be seen in the bill. We repair the laptop at low prices, yes we are not the big brand but we offer genuine services. This is one of the reasons that clients have trust on us.

This can surely save your laptops life. Do not miss the signs like cooling system death that can break down the fan. The fan blows hot air out of laptop vents, if there is no airflow then something is not right with your laptop. Limited airflow makes the fan noisy and working hard as something is stopping the vent from inside. When you turn on the laptop the airflow from the vents will be minimal, as the machine reaches its usual operating temperature and then starts to come out. Laptop fan repair is needed when your laptop is hot. If your laptop indicates any wrong signal then take the help of our technicians. We at Zintel Computer repair are engaged in rendering quality solutions at the most reasonable rates.

There is nothing worse than a faulty laptop. And when you have to do an urgent work and your cooling system starts making irritating noises or overheats due to which you are unable to focus on your work, the bring your laptop to us. Fan related issues are common in laptops and we are here to resolve the issues. We with the help of our technicians are able to solve the issues appropriately and help the clients with the exact resolutions.

If your laptop facing any technical issue then brings it to us, our technicians will help you with the prompt resolutions. Once your device has come to us, we will fix it up easily. We ensure to do our best to provide the appropriate resolution to the clients.

Like our entire service range we ensure to offer Laptop Repair Service with a year guarantee if fit any new part. Get the most reliable laptop fan repair services from our end. Besides, we assure our clients to render the best and effective resolutions at the least possible time. Moreover, we assure our clients to render the services at reasonable rates.

Of course, laptop fan replacement is an easy job, if you have appropriate tools and replacement hardware, then it is simple for you to replace the fan parts on your own. But it is always advised to take external help, to avoid big damages and to save your pocket.

work time

1 - 2 days

For ultrabooks it can take up to 7 working days

Uk Pound

£60 - £80

Fan replacement price £30 plus replacement fan

User Ratting

An experience and skilled team that offers tremendous services. Zintel Computer Repairs is widely recommended for IT repair services. Hats off!

Grace Harris - NG10 1BE

Kudos to Zintel Computer Repairs! Excellent repair services, when I lost all the hopes to get my data back, they consoled me with positivity. Thanks for recovering my data.

Hannah Cooper - NG10 1AX

Hurray! I could not believe that my broken computer fan actually gets replaced that too at reasonable rates. Thanks a ton!

Barry Lee - NG10 1DH

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