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Laptop keyboard replacement

Whether you are facing freeze or missing keyboard keys trouble. Our laptop keyboard replacement facility is there for all troubles.

Whether you are facing freeze or missing keyboard keys trouble. Our laptop keyboard replacement facility is there for all troubles. Our keyboard repair service make sure customers are happy with our service as our keyboard replacement cost is very low than other branded or local alternatives.

Our keyboard repair service is carried out by experienced and qualified technicians that are suitable for both Mac and Windows devices.

Our keyboard replacement service is fast and easy to use. We don’t contract out keyboard fixing jobs. That means you can normally get your laptop fixed on the very same day. No waiting around for delivery boys to return your computer, no communication troubles or being fussy about warranties. Just quick, reasonable repairs that get you back on your feet when you require them to. You bring your laptop to our store and we fix it I front of your eyes only.

We price our keyboard replacement on the reliable work we do, not the logo on our store. Come with your machine at our store, and you only pay for the repair. We don’t offer the service of picking up your machine. There’s no hidden charge for well, anything else. Quite cool, isn’t it?

Our keyboard repair services are offered for both home and business users. Whether you use your laptop for online shopping or designing client websites, we’ll give it back in working condition in time for your next big project.

Keyboard jam is a common trouble with laptops. Frequently used keys become jam, get completely freeze, or fall off. Or keys can accidentally fail; leading errors in your reports and grammatical errors in those killer status updates you spent all night editing. Luckily, laptop keyboard replacement is an easy and quick method. We carry a huge range of commonly used keyboards brand in our store stock, and can fix any brand product. Meaning you won’t be without your laptop for long. So those reports won’t have to be delayed for the next conference. And those status updates will make your followers smile.

We guarantee you won’t shell out extra over the troubles for your laptop keyboard repair. That’s because we don’t operate like the big national computer repair stores. We’re not coupled to third-party repair firms, and we don’t have to cover the cost of your laptop transportation, just to get it back to our repair shop from third party repair store. So all you pay is for the new keyboard, and the labor we do to put it in.

Whether, it’s your reliable Acer or your sleek stylish silver Mac that gets troubled, we’ve got the methods and the skills to fix your keyboard in quick time. And because we keep extra keyboards in stock for most major laptop brands, there’s a good opportunity we can fix your laptop on the day it cause troubles. So don’t concern if you’ve got a report that requires modification. We’ll make sure you’re typing like a pro again before the big deadline comes past.

It’s not that tough to replace keyboards on the majority of low to high range laptop models. But, the job is tricky and needs a skilled hand. You must be careful not to cut the data cable connection attaching the keyboard to the laptop screen. In most laptops, this joint is quite tight, and easy to cut if you don’t know what you are doing. Usually, the keyboard is released by unsnapping the trim at the crest of the laptop (above the keyboard, below the screen). You may also have to to unscrew some case elements. Without the right mechanism, some force may be needed to unsnap the trim or lever off the crest of the laptop case. We suggest taking your device to our keyboard repair team if you’re not sure taking the front off your laptop or unscrewing and eliminating internal elements yourself. If you do choose to carry out a keyboard replacement by yourself, make sure you turn off the power and eliminate the battery before doing any work inside the PC.

Please note: The more costly and well-built your laptop is, the tougher it will be to get inside the case without harming the laptop machine. We suggest taking high-end laptop keyboard repair to our qualified engineers.

We like to consider ourselves as a local laptop keyboard replacement service in the whole of UK. We replace and repair PC components for anyone reaching our store. If you’re close to one of our store, drop your laptop machine in and our expert, knowledgeable technical team will get to work on it there and then. If it’s urgent, we’ll make sure it’s fixed on the same day whether you reach our store in the evening.

Fast keyboard repair service is our priority, whether you use your laptop at home or at work, for online shopping or designing websites, our laptop keyboard repair team considers your emergency with the attention it needs. If your keyboard troubles up the evening before a big school or work assignment, we’ll be there. If it dies at the weekend, we’ll fix it too. As we work 7 days a week, so we’re always there when you reach us. We know how significant your laptop is. And we’re here to keep it working, all the time.

work time

1 hour - 2 days

If you have ultrabook or exotic tablet it can take up to 7 working days to replace your screen

Uk Pound

£30 - £90

Plus replacement keyboard price

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An experience and skilled team that offers tremendous services. Zintel Computer Repairs is widely recommended for IT repair services. Hats off!

Grace Harris - NG10 1BE

Kudos to Zintel Computer Repairs! Excellent repair services, when I lost all the hopes to get my data back, they consoled me with positivity. Thanks for recovering my data.

Hannah Cooper - NG10 1AX

Hurray! I could not believe that my broken computer screen actually gets replaced that too at reasonable rates. Thanks a ton!

Barry Lee - NG10 1DH

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