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Laptop screen repair

Our laptop screen replacement service is fast. We are often able to repair a cracked or broken laptop screen on the same day.

Our laptop screen repair service is handy. You can come to our store, at any time with any brand laptop. We offer amazing repair services to anyone with any brand laptop. From Mac to Acer, we’ll either replace your laptop screen on the spot, or we’ll give you a suitable time to take back your laptop. You can also set at a convenient time to get back your laptop.

We can fix your home or business laptop which ever you own: our engineers even work on evenings and at weekends.

Our laptop screen replacement is guaranteed. All new parts set by our technicians come with a year’s guarantee. And because we’re local, you won’t have to wait for days for us to get the parts in. If it isn’t done for you on the same day, it will be fixed by tomorrow.

Our laptop screen repair is carried out by professional, experienced staffs, who know that a broken laptop can be a failure. If you’re feared about a late project, data theft, or not having anything to entertain the children’s on a rainy day: don’t concern. We’ll have a new screen in and your laptop working fine just as a new one.

So if your laptop gets dropped at work or hit on the way to work, or one of your kids throws it across the room, reach our screen repair team. We’ll get you back quickly and efficiently after fixing.

Broken laptop screens are a common trouble, but it does not reveal the end of your laptop. Nor should you pay over the odds for a simple fix. Our laptop screen repair service makes sure quick, guaranteed fixes for all brands and models of laptop. We’re faster and budget oriented than branded repair websites, and much more convenient. Don’t let a broken screen ruin your day. Reach our laptop screen replacement unit, and you won’t be with your broken screen laptop for long.

In almost all scenarios, we can do a screen repair or cracked screen replacement for a fixed price. That means our technicians will be able to give you an estimate as soon as you bring your machine to our store. And because you don’t have to pay for any big branding, or to third-party work done by a company, the fee we ask for is guaranteed to make you smile.

We’re quick. We’re not costly. We don’t ask for additional costs in your final bill. In its place, we offer a laptop screen repair service where the pricing is not so high and the work is fast. You won’t pay for anything additional; the fee would be for replaced part and labor. And all the new screens we fit are enclosed in the guarantee. No clauses and conditions to read. Simply a new screen perfectly fitted, with a smile.

Whatever you’re preparing —a crucial report, a project that’s worth your promotion or just getting the children via a day indoors—we know that a broken laptop is no joke. In most scenarios, our laptop screen repairs team will be capable to repair your laptop on the same day. We fit the new screen, and give you back as soon as we can. So you can get on with doing what you were doing.

Let’s assume your laptop screen gets broken halfway through a crucial piece of work. How will you get to know if that task is still going to be there once your laptop screen replacement is completed? Simple, you reach us. Our friendly, experienced staff is there to solve the trouble. You’ll get a screen repair, so you can get back to work. But you’ll also get expert advice, right when you need them most. Our staff will find what you were doing before the screen broke. And if you do require data retrieval, we can do that too.

The laptop is more than just a piece of electronic device. It’s an entertainment station. It’s where you go to look up entertainment videos at the end of the day. It’s the football on in the hall, and the late-night movie in bed. It’s the children’s quiet for an hour while you load the dishwasher. That’s why we get the majority of cracked laptop screen replacement on the same day. After all, our staff work evenings and weekends too, so if your laptop screen is broken or dies halfway through online series, we can get you back before going to bed.

Our laptop screen replacement service is done with you in mind. If your screen breaks anywhere, we’ve got options for you. If you’re in our area, come to one of our stores. Chances is one of our laptop technicians can fix your machine while you wait in the lobby. We’ll come to you. Our technicians do fix of both home and business laptops. We’ll fix your laptop machine in the store, finish the fix, and return it to you same day.

No matter what is the reason of your broken laptop screen, whether cat knocked your laptop off the window sill? Or you spilled coke on the keyboard, and now the laptop screen’s gone blank? Whatever’s happened to your laptop, our laptop screen replacement team has the knowledge and the spare parts to fix it. Often, the repair is as easy as swapping out the screen for a new one. Sometimes, we have to reach deeper to find out what’s caused the laptop screen to blank out. But either way, we’ll get it fixed.

work time

1 - 2 days

If you have ultrabook or exotic tablet it can take up to 7 working days to replace your screen

Uk Pound

£70 - £320

Standard 15.6" screen with replacement just £60. Microsoft surface screen with replacement £310.

User Ratting

An experience and skilled team that offers tremendous services. Zintel Computer Repairs is widely recommended for IT repair services. Hats off!

Grace Harris - NG10 1BE

Kudos to Zintel Computer Repairs! Excellent repair services, when I lost all the hopes to get my data back, they consoled me with positivity. Thanks for recovering my data.

Hannah Cooper - NG10 1AX

Hurray! I could not believe that my broken computer screen actually gets replaced that too at reasonable rates. Thanks a ton!

Barry Lee - NG10 1DH

Zintel Computer Repair
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