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Macbook battery replacement

Is your Mac device affected due to water damage? Don’t worry as our Mac water damage repair service is quick and proficient that saves your device.

Was your MacBook battery died? Don’t give up and consider your device a rubbish just yet. As our ancestors said – we should never give up without even a single trial to get the resolution. Visit our MacBook Pro battery replacement service center and we guarantee that the solution will be at your hands. Our services are fast, fairly priced and mostly completed on the same day.

Anyone who buy a MacBook or any other Mac device means that the one buy a quality product but what if unfortunately the aluminum case or the solid build with a payoff. Mac devices are not designed to be opened and checked by the owner & the users are recommended to return the whole machine to your nearest Apple store, if the battery reaches to the end of its useful life.

In addition to the high cost, the official MacBook Pro battery replacement can take several days to complete the process if the customer don’t live near an Apple store. We also use the same quality batteries that the Mac users would get if they pay Apple premiums for their MacBook battery replacement, but the difference is that our battery replacement service is much cheaper as well as quicker.

The battery that is integrated in a MacBook is designed to be replaced only by the qualified engineers like us and unlike other branded options, we live and work in your area. Therefore, being different from the official Apple replacement services, we can complete your MacBook Pro battery replacement whenever you need us to do the same regardless you are living around the corner from one of our local shops or not.

In other words; we can say that our specialists are the one who can provide you with your power back today itself - not tomorrow or next week, but right now. Our Mac engineers are polite, professional, and friendly and they are available in the evenings, and on weekends too.

Officially, the defective or died MacBook battery requires to be replaced by a centralized Mac repair shop. This is the usual case even if the users have bought it from a third-party store, and return it there only for a MacBook battery replacement. Average time for a battery replacement is 3-4 days, if the user don’t have the flexibility to make an appointment at their local Genius Bar. And if talk about the average cost then it varies depending on location. In case a user is unable to take their laptop into a store to book a service, then the one will have to arrange for a courier service to take it to Apple, and further to get it back later. This procedure clearly means that the precious time, and money will get waste. On the other hand, the users could send their MacBook to us and have it back again on the same day, with power on and ready to rock.

If you are thinking to get your device fix by anyone whoever is offering the service instead of posting it back to Apple store, then you are taking risk by making all its data vulnerable to the eyes of one who’ll fix it? Don’t get frustrated in such situation as our MacBook battery replacement specialists are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements or any other form of security documentation (that you would like them to) with you. Visit our shop for replacement of your MacBook’s battery and get the peace of mind that comes from:

  • Meeting and talking to the engineer who will be going to work on your machine
  • Going through the entire security process used by our service providers

In other words: Our Mac repair and replacement services are transparent, provided by real people. Moreover, the specialists of our team take customer’s security as seriously as they do.

Our MacBook Battery Replacement services are for all whether you run a small business or having a single device or large organization. You just have to visit our shop with your defected device and we will repair it at a time that suits you, even if that time is late in the evening (before 7 p.m.), or first on a Sunday morning (after 9 a.m.).

We don’t believe in messing around, whether related to our specialists or the customers who visit us. Every user who need a MacBook Pro battery replacement, need it as soon as possible and also want to pay as little as he can. We are the one who make both of those things possible. How we do so? Simple, by removing all the unnecessary steps present in the long battery replacement supply chain. The useless steps like sending your MacBook off to a third party repair shop, and sending you back without the device followed by asking you to come tomorrow or next week to collect it. Our specialists will repair the Mac device on our only local shop and on the very same day. Our costs is as simple as our Mac repair service: you just have to pay for the replacement of the battery & labour of our specialists. The battery we use for the replacement is a high- quality & approved Mac spare. Our service is available with a guarantee for a year.

All of us about the battery indicator present on the top right corner of your MacBook’ display. Now look at it to check out for the signs that indicates if there is a need for the battery replacement or not. If the battery indicator appears with an ‘X’ symbol or if it never reaches cent percent when the power is plugged in, then these are the signs that directs the user to get a new battery. Sometimes, your MacBook starts experiencing the ‘jumping cursor of a doom’ means that the cursor will start moving randomly to different parts of a document or even start deleting the text with a command from user’s end. Fast draining of the battery deprived of a power cord attached is also one sign that makes you realize that the time to replace your battery has arrived.

Mac users with different versions have to use distinct ways to determine the condition of their Mac’s battery. Mac devices those are running older versions of OS X, can click on the battery icon to check the status. Recent versions of Mac OS X allow its users to view the cycle count of their battery. Cycle count? It is the calculation of number of times user’s battery has been completely drained and recharged. Modern MacBook versions are designed with batteries that are expected to last for approximately 1,000 cycles. Hence, if your device is touching this number then you should look out for the other signs listed. Users can find cycle counts, as well as other information about their Mac’s battery health, by clicking on ‘About this Mac’ icon followed by clicking on ‘System Report’ option. Visit us & enjoy working of your MacBook.

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1 - 2 Hours

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£20 - £50

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