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MacBook Keyboard Replacement

We ensure to offer the same quality keyboard that you get from Apple service centre

Our MacBook Keyboard Replacement services help the user to provide immediate resolution with broken or stuck keys, genuine and reliable parts are installed from our end that comes with warranty. We ensure to offer the same quality keyboard that you get from Apple service centre. Moreover, our services are provided immediately to the clients.

The MacBook keyboard replacement services we offer are cheaper than our competitors. We only charge for the spare parts and the work we do, no hidden or extra cost is charged. Our charges are fix though, still we try to give you the best possible rates.

Whenever you need, we repair MacBook Pro keyboard assemblies. You can visit us with the issue in the weekends as well. Our technicians are available 7 days a week and ensure to help you with the reliable resolutions. We are local technicians thereby the customers has to visit us if their Mac is facing any issue. We endeavour to resolve any issue on the same day, but if the issue is major, then we will surely resolve it by the next day and return your MacBook pro. Be it any issue you face with the MacBook Pro, just visit us and get th reliable solutions from us.

Whether you use your MacBook Keyboard for home or business for varied purposes like Status updates, shopping lists, presentations, dissertations—the list is endless and so as the issues. You need your MacBook Pro to access them but if at the end moment any of your key gets broken or damage that can affect your computing. In such case you need experts help. We at Zintel are engaged in offering quality MacBook Keyboard Replacement at minimal charges.

We have hired a team of Mac experts, who know the in and out of Mac devices. They are familiar with internal and external layout of all the MacBook models thereby ensure you to help you with the appropriate resolutions. They are experienced enough to know which wire to uncouple and which printed circuits to remove that will help your keyboard working. Hence, there is no harm taking repair services from us. You just need to visit us to get the reliable services.

We actually mean it, if we are saying to offer best MacBook keyboard replacement cost in town. No hidden cost, no extra changes just the repair and replacement part charges. Unlike our competitors we do not make fake promises and charge you extra for the service we did not even offer, where as we only charge for the efforts we put in.

Logo always doesn’t matter. In fact bigger logo means higher prices but lower quality. No doubts many big repair companies are there who provide best services, but not everyone. And everyone cannot also afford the charges they ask, apart from it, you cannot get any guarantee that whether the apart will work fine or not. But at Zintel, we provide you the guarantee of one years to the replaced part.

Our professionals, are polite and approachable. Customer satisfaction is what they believe in, thus our team gets its job done with full dedication. Hence, you can visit us anytime you want and get reliable services.

Do not worry, just bring your model, whether you its model number or year or not you will get the reliable services. Our technicians are skilled enough to help you with the best possible services and render customer satisfaction. Our team has years of experience rendering quality repair services. Hence, just visit us once and get the appropriate services. We are quick and reliable.

Yes, you can easily repair your MacBook pro keyboard. But only if you are a tech savvy and have knowledge about the product, as a non-tech savvy end up with messing the products and may face other related technical issues. Moreover, a non-tech savvy can also generate more issues that can cost him more. Hence, to avoid huge costing, just visit us and get the reliable services from our professionals. At Zintel Computer Repair centre we ensure to help the clients with the best possible resolutions.

work time

1 - 2 Days

Uk Pound

£30 - £50

User Ratting

An experience and skilled team that offers tremendous services. Zintel Computer Repairs is widely recommended for IT repair services. Hats off!

Grace Harris - NG10 1BE

Kudos to Zintel Computer Repairs! Excellent repair services, when I lost all the hopes to get my data back, they consoled me with positivity. Thanks for recovering my data.

Hannah Cooper - NG10 1AX

Hurray! I could not believe that my broken computer screen actually gets replaced that too at reasonable rates. Thanks a ton!

Barry Lee - NG10 1DH

Zintel Computer Repair
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