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Noisy computer

If your computer make noise under load like while playing games or watching high resolution videos its normal for your computer to be louder. But the actual concern is if it is starting to happen recently. If earlier your computer was much quieter and with each passing day it is getting progressively louder than you need to fix it immediately.

Does your computer overheat? Does it endeavour to cool down by rotating al the fans at the maximum speed? The desktop computer works on three main fans such as power supply, CPU and graphic card fan. The graphic card fan works on maximum load either while playing games or when doing other works that require the involvement of graphic power. CPU fan is considered as one of the important parts of your computer, without it the computer gets heated in couple of minutes. The overheating of your computer causes loudness and the common Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error. In any of such case it is advised to do not turn on the computer again and again, as it could leads to your computers last run. Instead take your computer to a technician who can help you in resolving these issues.

One of the major causes of noisy computers is power supply. A faulty power sully can create loud and strange noises. The damage in power surge can be a reason of such issue, though several times the noise can come from hard drive, a crucial part of your computer that stores the entire data. Hence, another reason of loud clicking noise that your hard drive is dying. In any if such cases simply turn off the computer and take it to the technician, else there are chances of losing the important documents and data.

If your desktop has recently started to make noises then fix the issue quickly as the overheating of the computer and failure of hardware parts can leads to faulty computer and even data loss. To avoid the issue, bring your computer to us. At Zintel Computer Repair we have hired certified technician who are able to help the clients in resolving minor to major issues. Just bring your computer to us and we will help you with the appropriate solutions at the most reasonable rates. Also, if needed we will replace the hardware part of your computer comes with the manufacturer warranty.

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