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Refund Policy

In context of providing our clients with utmost quality standard and contented customer experience, we have crafted a considerate refund policy.

We work on each project by dividing the task into milestones.

All client projects start with a thorough discovery/analysis and designing of a scope of work report. This is checked multiple times to ensure that both parties have thorough understanding of the process to be followed, work required and thus minimizing the possibility for project cancellations, setbacks, or disagreements.

As a lot of time is spent to reach every milestone and finish every module, a refund is not at all possible for modules already finished.

In the situation of project cancelled on mutual understanding, the client has access to all completed modules and any pending payment for further work will become invalid. No previous transacted amount or deposit would be refunded at any cost.

No amount will be refunded once mock-up designs are approved by the client and we switch to the development phase of the client’s project.

There are no partial refunds for any projects mid-way via a milestone point.

No terminations are approved for services that our marketing team has presented on special occasions. All such are limited time offers and without any cancellation facility.

SEO and digital marketing service packages are not refundable at any cost, but client can cancel them with a request written 30 days beforehand.

We deny refunds on deposits or advance payments for projects that are uninhibited or left dormant in excess of 30 days.

Zintel Technologies cross check the customer’s reason for the refund and once confirmation of the refund request is processed, we instantly process refund which will be provided back to client within 5 to 7 business days.

Acceptance of this Refund Policy

It is client’s accountability to familiarize oneself with the refund policy. By placing an agreement for any of the services, it’s an indication that this refund policy is thoroughly read by the client and all the terms of this refund policy are fully agreed and accepted.

If a client does not agree or fully accept the terms of this refund policy, we ask them not to avail our service.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our refund policy.
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