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Very fast and wonderful customer servic
My Windows laptop crashed and I didn't know what to do. I found the Zintel and they saved my whole life. I would highly suggest them, very fast and wonderful customer service.
Great Service
Expert, quick, and pleasant service of the highest quality. I left with all my recovered documents and my laptop working in less than an hour after the technician discovered the problem! Free diagnostic testing is always great and the staff is very thorough. I am confident you will get similar top class results. Thanks a lot Zintel.
Very professional and quick service
The service which the Zintel provides is quite amazing. They have a promising team with great knowledge in their domain. I personally recommend other users to go for the service provided by the Zintel. Thanks for the great service guys.
Very good service
My laptop system was running quite slow as it was infected with the virus. I was not able to open files and browse the internet. Then I took the help from Zintel, they helped me a lot in getting my data back on track. The suggestions they provide were quite simple to follow.
Very affordable repair
I downloaded a file from internet and suddenly my laptop screen got crashed. I immediately reached Zintel; they solved my issue in a very simple manner. The service is quite amazing with minimal charges. I recommend other users also to go for the Zintel for any laptop device problem.
Brilliant computer repair
Zintel a great support company with great team and knowledgeable staff. I was having the problem of laptop screen, they fixed it and the laptop was fine. Go for the Zintel in any hardware or software troubles.
Best and fast computer repair service.
I am not a great gadget freak and that’s why my laptop always gets some troubles. I took the service from Zintel; they charged me minimal and solved my issue. Thanks Zintel for your great help.
Fast and reliable service
Be it Mac Computer update or Windows Computer update, Zintel is a name that I have often heard. I reached Zintel after hearing it from my friend Ricky. They were quite good. A large number of my friends and classmates have used their computer update services and are highly pleased. My first experience with them was sudden when my laptop screen got damaged. At first, I was not sure of how they would deliver. But, I was amazed with their knowledge and truly impressed!
Good service fast response
My Samsung laptop was two years old and started to create troubles like heating and updating issues. I decided to take some help from my colleague, but was not satisfied. I decided to go for the service of Zintel. I reached the store late evening and the technician fixed all my problems simply.
Love the service
I was trying to configure my new Acer laptop and was not able to do it. I called my friend for the same issue, he suggested me Zintel tech Support Company. The technician after a few moments fixed my laptop and it works fine. I was very happy from the service.
Very friendly
Incredible service, very friendly staff, probably the best tech support I have contacted. My desktop and laptop display have never run better since they fixed it up. I bought my daughter her laptop at 3 years ago, and she has never had a problem. I would recommend Zintel for all issues related to computer.
Very happy
Great Service! The people were very professional. Excellent! Thank you Zintel! The most pleasant experience, have experienced so far. Great experience so far. I would tell all my friends about the service and ambience I got from the technicians.
Zintel Computer Repair
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